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A Mentor to the Underrepresented - by Krishna Nadella

My name is Krishna Nadella and I serve as the VP of Business Development & Head of Americas at SigTech. In this role I am responsible for Sales, Account Management, Partnerships and Corporate Development for the firm. I have over 20 years in capital markets with a specialization in FinTech and FinServ and am known for creating specialized teams with a focus on launching new commercial strategies and products.

Prior to SigTech, I worked at Symphony Communication Services, leading the firm’s transformation from an insular entity focusing specifically on chat to a market infrastructure integrator that serves the gamut of communication across voice, video, chat and email. Before Symphony, I was one of the architects of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Data division expansion, launching five new products over a decade and building a fledgling business into the fastest growing and second largest ($1.5B) business within the firm, second only to the Bloomberg Terminal business. I began my career at Citigroup where I managed the CDO/CLO equity sales desk, valued at over $500MM, up until the 2008 financial crisis. My entire team was among the first to be let go in the crisis and although it was a very stressful time, it also opened my eyes and forced me to discover my resourcefulness. I came to understand that change is not necessarily as bad as it always seems. Change is the only constant — whether it be at work or in life and what we initially perceive as a negative can sometimes actually have a reason that we can’t see until much later on. Beyond finance, I am a noted finserv and fintech speaker, both in person and across TV/radio. (You can find a sample of my work HERE.) For five seasons, I hosted and produced “STATE OF MIND,” a web-series discussing post-secondary education issues from a social, political and economic perspective. Topics ranged from ‘Eastern Parent/Western Student’ to ‘Black Lives Matter’ to ‘Muslims in America’. It was during this time that I connected with Kamina Singh and humanUPtions of which I became a speaker/mentor for its students on multiple occasions. The mission of humanUPtions is one that I very much am in support of and believe in as although minorities are gradually getting more representation as a group, one area in which we’re lagging is reaching the senior-most levels of leadership of major corporations. There’s a lot of luck and politics involved in getting that call, but you also have to be willing to put yourself in a position to move up in your career. Opportunity is about getting the chance to compete and then being ready to try hard to be a good face for the company in all things to succeed. For my work, I have been privileged to have been recognized among The Feminist Press’ “Top 40 Under 40,” in addition to receiving the McMaster Arch Award, the Penn State Alumni Service Award and being named a Penn State Alumni Fellow. I have served on various boards across academic and financial institutions and regularly contribute to LinkedIn. I hold an undergraduate degree in Honors Biochemistry from McMaster University and an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University.

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