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Shout Outs- UPstart UPinions!

Had a terrific experience attending Human UPtions. Very informative, insightful, and practical tips from the true and accomplished leaders in their respective fields. It’s my first time attending an event of the sort here in the US, and I must say I enjoyed every part of it. The atmosphere and organization of the event were of the highest level; speakers were very helpful in their feedback and advice, and the attendees very open to making new friends and contacts. Thanks a lot to Kamina Singh for making this possible and for bringing together such a great mix of youth, experience, and talent in one place.

   • Vitalii Ilchenko, Student Adelphi University

Yesterday Human UPtions hosted the "Goal Diggers" event to help students learn more about the professional world and what we can do to stand out in the work space. The most valuable lessons I will take away from the event are to be bold, be confident, and always keep looking for your next direction. Sending the biggest thank you to Kamina Singh for organizing and inviting me to this event!

   • Samantha Kovaleski, Student Seton Hall University

I had the honor of speaking at the Human UPtions conference last Friday. As a faculty member at the University of Texas, I've noticed that college curricula don't address some of the most pressing questions for students: 1) grappling identity,

2) finding purpose and  3) building confidence. Human UPtions is filling a gap that is missing in higher education. 

This is the next wave of disruption.

   • Daron K. Roberts J.D., Former NFL Coach


Many people don’t talk about it as much as they should, but as a college student, it becomes inherently challenging to navigate the transition into the professional world, especially dealing with moments where you feel you are absolutely clueless. 

   • Kamal Abdelrahaman, Student Brooklyn College

The thoughts the speakers shared yesterday was impossible to learn at school, but it's crucial for future career success. I was deeply motivated by the speakers' experience. You are the best!  

   • Manlin Yin, Student Fordham University

Thank you to Kamina Singh and Human UPtions for allowing us to be a part of this worthwhile event. A real pleasure and privilege!

   • Krishna Nadella, Americas Head of Sales, Quantitative & Systematic Trading @ Bloomberg LP

Kamina is a dynamic individual and tireless supporter of those in need. Her selflessness and desire to serve is refreshing and motivating. Kamina is also a talented networker with an eye for talent and under appreciated skill sets. Human UPtions is positioned to be a leader in the future of work as career opportunities will be more predicated upon who you know, not what you know.

   • Tyrone Ross, Managing Partner @ NobleBridge Wealth™ & Asset Management Services 

Well that was fun!

   • Ben Royce, Head of Performance Data Science @ Google 

I felt their stories were genuine and relatable to my journey.

   • Tajay Marshall, Student Monroe College

Thanks Kamina Singh for having us. What a great opportunity to meet so many talented and inspiring students!

   • Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity and Cross Cultural Marketing @ Unilever

Human UPtions brings out disrupters from various industries who share insightful tips and tricks of navigating the ever changing business world to a diverse audience. You'll always leave learning something new and feeling inspired to make a change!

   • Kelly Zheng, Ted Speaker @ Celonis 

My takeaway- "We need to know who we are, before we can find out what we want".

   • Lamar-Shea Chang Student Caldwell University

Kamina is very responsive and actively helped me build my brand and connectivity. It was troubleshooting the minor errors that often go unnoticed in the pitch or resume and Human UPtions helped me rectify that. Since then I have been more confident in my approach! 

   • Ananya Sachdev, Student @ Columbia University 

Dear Kamina, Thank you so much for the honor and pleasure of participating as a panelist and recruiter at the Human Uptions Career Empowerment event. I met hundreds of amazing young professionals with terrific skillsets. I learned so much and had a blast. Time well spent. Looking forward to the next event!

   • James Massa, Executive Director @ JPMorgan Chase 

I second Krishna’s kudos! Kamina, thank you so much for inviting us, the event was incredibly meaningful and the students themselves were amazing as well.

   • Terry Bu, Sales Engineer @ Payfone

He addressed what I believe I've been struggling with.

   • Anthony Pereira, Student @ Binghamton University

I've attended one Human Uptions event as a guest, and another as a panelist. Both events featured panelists who were accomplished in their fields, and in positions where the advice they were providing was genuinely useful and interesting for audience members. And the format of the events--with networking opportunities built around the panels--made them especially valuable for all involved. 

   • Phil Stott, Editor @ 

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